Beware of Other SBA Loan Programs that Don't Do the Work For You.

There are no other SBA Loan Kit Programs or Government Guaranteed Financing Kit Programs on the Market that do everything for you.  There are other programs that give you some samples, maybe a proposal outline in word, some financial excel worksheets, and a few other items that are already offered free by our program and many other sources.  But there are no other programs on the market that do everything from A to Z in the SBA Loan Process. You don't have to have any other programs to run The SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit™.   Other programs require different levels of Word and different levels of Excel in order to work correctly.  Beware of the other programs that give you some forms but don't do the work.  Our Program gives you all of this and the forms for free.  Why should you have to pay for the forms and those other items anyway when they are free already?   But there is a lot more that is needed than that.  Those other programs are simply giving you the forms and the instructions and making you do all the work without any help.   The SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit™ covers Everything from A to Z- from Organizing to Preparing to Presenting and Handling the Negotiation of SBA Guaranteed Government Business Loans.  The SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit™ program is not just giving you some samples and the forms making you have to figure it all out as all the other competitors do but instead you are given everything you need from beginning to end including Fill-In & Save-able Forms for all Documents, Applications,  Affidavits, Required Transmittal & Copy Forms, Customizable Business Plan & Marketing Plan, Incorporation Help,  a Financial Statements Preparer, Resume Preparer, Payment Calculator & Amortization Preparer, Budget Calculator, Loan packager, Lender Linker, all Legal Forms, Insider Tips  and a whole lot more than can be listed including the Complete SBA Loan Proposal & Package from A to Z with everything that is needed to  secure SBA Loans.  There are some books that call themselves Kits but they are not Computer Software Programs that handle everything A to Z but only books that give you pointers and etc on SBA Loans.  This is not a book.  It is much more than a book plus it is practical modules in a computer program that has templates, forms, exhibits, affidavits and everything from beginning to end in the preparation of an SBA Loan.  Also everything is organized into an easy to follow and simple to complete format of Steps from Organizing your Information to Preparing your SBA Loan Package to Presenting your Final complete SBA Loan Package to the SBA Lender.  Also included are contact names and information for recommended and preferred SBA Lenders in your area.  We have been in the SBA Loan Preparation field of practice and Conventional Loan Practice for over 2 decades and have literally prepared thousands of loans over those years and have incorporated all of that experience in our final product the SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit™ Program.  The program took over 5 years to plan, design and develop before placing it on the market.  In addition we have tested our product in a laboratory type of situation spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the methods, information, systems and final product.  We are fully dedicated to this field of practice and study and that is why we are actively involved in SBA Loans from beginning to end.  There is nothing else to match our product on the market today and we don't expect there to be anything in the near future considering the massive effort, expense and time we have put into developing the best possible product in the field.  Also we are constantly improving and enhancing our product sparing no expense to continue to stay ahead of the industry.  This is our business and we confidently can state that it will continue to be the best and that is why we can stand fully behind our product.   Every Program that we sell comes Fully Backed by our No Risk 100% Full One Year Money Back Performance Guarantee:  Try our software and if, after completing the steps in the Kit and preparing your SBA Loan Package, you are not satisfied and cannot raise any money with it then we will give you a full refund.

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