SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit™:v

**Program Automatically Includes 12 Discount Sale Coupons of $25 applied against price and payments for total discount of $300. 
Available For Limited Time Only  (This Discount is Not Applicable to Payment Plan Purchases)

Full Premium Gold Kit™ Version@Regular Price-$1596  *Coupon $300 Discount Offer With Full Services & Benefits $1,296
The SBA Loan Easy-Step 123™ Full Premium Gold Kit™
(Note:  This Version is sold also by Payments Plan Option with 4 minimum monthly payments of $420.   Payments Plan option includes All Services, Benefits, Bonuses and Consulting and Advising Services.  Payment Plan is not Discounted)

This Kit has Everything including the Business Plan Maker and Business Incorporator Plus our full Services, Consulting and Advising Services for four months including Unlimited Questions and Answers, Review of Documents, Business Plan and SBA Loan Application, Lender Connections, Help, Technical Support and all other Items listed in the Features Table Chart including all Benefits and Bonuses.  (services can be extended beyond 4 months with our Payments Plan Option)  This Kit is the Top of the Line Fully Loaded Kit that Covers Every Item from A to Z that you will need to know and will encounter- from the Organizing to the Preparing to the Presenting of the SBA Loan Package for the Loan Approval Process. With this Kit you will need nothing else.   With this Kit Everything is Researched, Organized and Ready for you.   Included with the Full Premium Gold Kit Payments Plan Option is the complete list of Offered Special Purchase Bonuses and Other Limited Time Introductory Specials.  See Complete Module Detail Below.   **(Currently Eligible for 12 Discount Coupons for Total Discount of $300.00 for Limited Time Only) 

*Note:  The Full Premium Gold Kit Payments Plan Option includes Everything  including Full Consulting and Advising Services as well as all Bonuses and Benefits ongoing for period of subscription including Unlimited Questions and Answers, Lender Connections, Help, Technical Support and all other items listed in table above.  Full Premium Gold Kit includes twelve $25 Coupons applied against Regular Price for a total maximum discount of $300.  Full Premium Gold Payment Plan requires four month Payment Plan agreement to own program.  Payment Plan includes Refund Guarantee, Program Use License as well as all other Included Services and Benefits including all Consulting and Advising, Support,  Lender Linker Access, Program Benefits,  Lender Connections, Help, Unlimited Question Answering, Updates, News, Online Connections and Access, Incorporator Access, and all Benefits, Bonuses, Services and all other items listed and in the Kit Features Table.

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